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Rent, demo or purchase premium ski clothing, outdoor apparel and gear. MTN Gear provides the most ways to find the gear you need for your next adventure or trip.


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Check out our new and previously demo'd outdoor apparel & gear.


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Almost all of our inventory is available for rental and demo. Which means for a few dollars, you can try out and experience the gear before buying.

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A gear pass is the best way and best value to try outdoor gear and apparel all year. Our passes make it easy to use what you want when you want.

Gear Pass

MTN Gear membership

The Tuckerman Pass 5 days

Spanky's Pass 7 days

The Corbet Pass 11 days

Our membership is an all season pass that lets you select and use outdoor apparel and gear for your adventures. The line-up is always evolving to include new & innovative outdoor brands. There are no commitments to purchase giving you the freedom and flexibility to try what you want, when you want. As a member, you can apply unused pass days towards a purchase from MTN Gear.

Membership Includes

Significant savings

Our gear passes offer additional savings over the standard demo rates by up to 20%

Waste less

Keep your closets clean and use what you need when you need it.

Flexibility & choice

You can mix and match multiple items with our gear pass giving you the flexibility to try one or many.

Superior cleaning

All items are professionally washed and treated to ensure optimal performance.

Member discount

Members receive a discount towards purchases.

Access to new brands

Get access to new outdoor brands that are leading the industry with new and innovative ideas.

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