Our goal is to deliver a better experience and ultimate flexibility in discovering the perfect gear for your adventures and that is exactly why we designed our unique demo service.  Our demo service gives you an opportunity to try our gear before buying. For a few dollars, you can test and try world-class brands at MTN Gear with no further commitment to buy. When it’s a perfect fit, your demo dollars go towards the purchase. We also offer new and previously used items for purchase. The top 3 reasons to demo:

  1. Flexibility:  Let’s get real! World-class outdoor apparel is a significant investment. For most, it is a challenging and inexact retail experience to determine which gear works best. One of the most difficult aspects of finding the right gear is not being able to try these highly engineered garments in the great outdoors before making a buying decision. Instead, you simply try something on for color, fit, and description– and hope for a great return policy.
  2. Discover New & Better Brands: With so many outdoor brands in the marketplace (last count >500!), it’s hard to determine which direction to go.  We select quality pieces from world-class brands alongside innovative outdoor lines that are making a mark with new gear advances (style, fit, use, and sustainability) to improve your overall experience.
  3. Waste Less:  Many outdoor equipment and apparel companies are making strides to recycle, and some brands are leading the way with creative options to extend the life of a garment. By choosing demo, you can be sure the item is a keeper and if it’s not, you can easily return the item allowing our community to get greater use out of a single piece of gear (and keeping it out of your closet and landfills).

Give our demo service a try – on line or in person!  Here’s how to get started:

Come visit us at our shop in Seattle and be on the lookout for all the items that are available for demo. We use a bright orange tag!

We’re always open online at www.mtngear.com where you can easily find all the items that are available for demo on our Gear Page. You’ll see a demo rate and a calendar to pick your use dates.

Reserve Demo Products on our Website: Its Easy To Make a Gear Reservation that Fits Your Scheduled Activity Dates

Our team is available to answer any questions and provide recommendations so don’t hesitate to reach out! Our mission is to give you an alternative and a better method to finding, trying, and buying the right outdoor apparel and accessories.

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