Layer Up: Simple and Essential Tips for Outdoor Conditions

Mountain weather is fickle and changes often. It can be sunny one moment and storming the next, raining at the base and snowing hard at the top of the mountain. The trick is to dress so you can adapt to any weather event. Keeping your eye on the conditions and having the right layering system will help you enjoy your outing no matter which outdoor adventure you’re looking to tackle. 
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MTN Gear Demo Service: The Ultimate Try Before You Buy

Our 3-day demo service gives you an opportunity to try our outdoor gear & apparel before buying. For a few dollars, you can test and try world-class brands in the best environment - the outdoors! When it’s a perfect fit, your demo dollars go towards the purchase. If it isn't a perfect fit, return the item at the end of your demo period.  We also offer rentals!

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How to Choose the Right Outdoor Gear

Look, most people don’t need the most expensive or newest gear or clothing. What most people benefit from are responsible and sustainable purchases that will last a long time. It’s a fact that the US throws away over 11 million tons of clothing each year. If you’re looking to lower your climate impact, thinking differently about what you buy versus what you use can go a long way.

MTN Gear strives to offer a variety of options and focuses on top-tier brands for new and avid adventurers alike. Our goal is to provide the best gear and best options so you can spend more time outdoors and even get into a new sport.

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