Attention all Globetrotters, Pioneers, Explorers, Trailblazers, Trekkers, & outdoor Enthusiasts

MTN Gear has all that you need for your next adventure!

Improve your overall outdoor experience with MTN Gear’s unique services that include something for every adventurer. We only select quality pieces from world-class brands alongside innovative outdoor lines that are making a mark with new gear advances in style, fit, use, and sustainability. In addition to purchasing new, now you can:

  • Rent gear for a specific expedition
  • Try gear before you commit to buying
  • Gain year-round access to apparel and gear with our gear pass.
  • Purchase used gear that’s still in great condition.


MTN Gear provides top tier gear to outdoor enthusiasts across America. At MTN Gear, we know that great outdoor gear is a big investment as well as space consuming to store, that’s why we’ve taken traditional shopping and added options not available anywhere else in the outdoor gear industry. Now you have 4 different paths to take when it comes to getting your hands on the best apparel & gear in the market:

  • Rent
  • Demo
  • MTN Gear Passes
  • Purchase New & Used

So, what’s the difference between our options, you ask? Well, we’re going to break it down right here for you and explain.



Rent with us

Going skiing and need a perfect set up for the Rocky Mountains or taking a hike and need gear for your first expedition? Our rental selection encompasses almost all the gear you see on our website. It’s getting the best with no commitment. We’ve made the process simple so the hardest part is opening the box when it arrives at your door.


Go to

Peruse our outdoor apparel.


Click on the Rental tab beside the item you wish to rent.

Once there, you will see a calendar. You have the options to rent gear from 2-20 days. Simply locate the dates you are looking for, make sure they’re available, click on the days and then click the RESERVE NOW button.

At the end of your rental period, you can either send your gear back using the prepaid label included in your package, or you can use your rental dollars and apply them to the purchase price. Keep in mind that not all rentals are available for purchase. That’s why we offer our Demo service.

Purchase New or Used

Our outdoor apparel and gear is sourced from leading industry brands resulting in a superior and cutting-edge collection. We also have a Used Marketplace, where we offer items for sale from our world-class brands. Each piece has been inspected and rated according to its condition. You’ll always know exactly what you’re getting with an opportunity to grab an excellent piece of gear that has many seasons of life remaining at a great price. It’s a small step in the right direction to making sure we maximize the usage of every piece of gear produced.

Year-round access with our Gear Pass

Get an additional 20% savings off with our 5, 7, or 11-day all-season Gear Pass. This exclusive membership lets you select and rent outdoor apparel and gear all year round for your adventures. The line-up is always evolving to include new & innovative outdoor brands. There are no commitments to purchase giving you the freedom and flexibility to try what you want when you need it. As a member, you can apply unused pass days towards a purchase from MTN Gear.

The Tuckerman Pass
5 days
Spanky's Pass
7 days
The Corbet Pass
11 days

How It Works?

Once your account is created, you’ll select a Gear Pass for purchase. Keep in mind, you can choose from a 5-day pass, 7-day pass or 11-day pass.

Once purchased, your gear days are immediately available for use.

Just choose the item and dates for rental and apply your Gear Pass as payment.


Remember, unused Gear Pass Days can be applied to any MTN Gear purchase. You’ll never lose days or feel like you wasted dollars.

The best part is that your pass never expires. Use it for a winter ski vacation or a spring camping expedition.

Gear Pass Benefits


Choose from new outdoor brands that are leading the industry with innovative ideas.


Enjoy a membership discount toward all your MTN Gear purchases.


Decisions! Decisions! With our exclusive Gear Pass, you can mix and match multiple items, giving you the flexibility to try one or many.

Try before you buy with Demo

We understand that making the decision to invest $1000 in a new ski setup or a cooking system for your next camping trip entails time-consuming research. Often, when you shop online, you get your purchase, and once you’re wearing it in the mountains, it just doesn’t fit the way you thought. And returning gear after you’ve taken the tags off and used the item is not possible with traditional retail and online stores.
At MTN Gear you can try before you buy. Unlike renting, our demo service is a 3-day window in which you get to demo the gear, try it on, ski it, hike in it, test it out, measure its value and see if it's right for you. At the end of the honeymoon period, you get to decide whether you can’t live without it and want to make the purchase or need something a little different and simply send it back. The best part is that if you choose to buy, your Demo dollars go toward the price of purchase; and if you choose to send it back, you’re allowing the rest of our community to get greater use out of a single piece of gear. Receive, Review, Return and Recycle.


Go to

Peruse our well-organized selection of world class gear.


Click on the Demo tab beside the item you wish to try.

Then click the RESERVE NOW button below.

The item will be added to your cart and arrive for 3 days’ worth of use.


If after a couple of nights out on the town or in the wild, you decide you’re ready for commitment, the money you spent to Demo goes toward the price of purchase. We’ll simply charge the balance to your card.

If it’s not a perfect fit, send it back to us in our pre-paid package.