Gear Passes

Save money on gear day prices! Available from 5 to 11 days

Why buy a gear pass?

  • Save up to 35% or more per day!
  • Get a free MTN Gear hat (with purchase of 11 day pass)

How does this work?

It's pretty simple, one piece of gear for one day = one gear day. MTN Gear's three pass options are designed to give our customers flexibility and freedom to try a number of different gear items at great prices. With options ranging from 5 days to 11 days these passes are a great path to take whether you want to try a specific jacket or pant for a long weekend or want to kick the tires on a jacket / pant combo for a week. You can also use the passes for gloves, midlayers, or any of the products we have for demo. The per day pricing gets better with the pass length as do the perks .... a free gear day and hat with the purchase of a Corbet's 11 Day Gear Pass being a great example! So go ahead, get the pass that fits your needs best and start enjoying the ever expanding lineup of great gear we offer.