Gear Condition


Quality Tier



The article is new, in its original packaging, and unused in perfect condition with no scuffs, marks or indications of use.

Used - Like New

An item in perfect or near perfect condition.  There are no to very minor scuffs on the garment. No major blemishes and no fraying of any fabric. All zippers and straps are working in new condition. There is no wear on the boot scuff protectors and the majority of the fabric retains an overall new feeling. For gloves there are no major blemishes and outer shell feels supple. Liners are pristine.

Used - Very good

The item has seen limited use and remains in good working condition. Item may show some limited signs of wear with small scratches or cosmetic blemishes. Zippers are fully functional and show no signs of wear. Pant scuff protectors have very minor markings, and no rip or penetration. Overall exterior fabric feels near new, and there is no degradation to the performance of the garment. Gloves will have some minor blemishing in the palms, but liner is not degraded and fingers/top sides are not scuffed.

Used - Good

The item shows wear, but remains in good working condition. It may be marked with minor scuffs or small blemishes or light cosmetic damage. Zippers and straps shall be in very good operational condition with smooth glide and complete seal closure. Cuffs may begin to show some sign of slight fray and the pant scuff protectors will have visible scuffs and marks. There are no large stains not penetrations into the fabric. Gloves will have light to moderate scuff or marks in the palms, but no stains or large marks across the rest of the glove. Glove lines shall be fully functional with no wearing or holes.

Used - Acceptable

The item is somewhat worn but continues to function properly. Signs of cosmetic damage can include scratches, scuffs, minor stains and worn cuffs or high impact points. The zippers shall function smoothly and a complete seal shall be attainable. No penetrations in the shell fabric and a weather seal should be attainable. Pants will have scuffs and the scuff protectors may have minor cuts and scratches. Gloves will have moderate discoloration in the palms and may also have scuffs on top sides. No holes or rips in glove exteriors. Glove liners should be in good condition.

Used – Not Acceptable (Normal Wear and Tear)

The garment has a catastrophic failure that does not permit the garment to be used again. Any tear or hole that prohibits complete seal or punctures all the way thru the fabric prohibits use in the demo or marketplace program. Gloves that have a puncture in either the shell or liner is not usable. Normal wear and tear refers to damage or wear that would reasonable occur in typical skiing or lifestyle activities. This is normally not the fault of the user and is a result of repeated and heavy usage.

Used – Damaged (Not Normal Wear and Tear)

This denotes failure of the garment as above; however, in this case the damage is typically the result of activities not associated with normal skiing or lifestyle activities. In this case the latest user may be required to compensate MTN Gear for the garment or any special repair or cleaning required.