Some people call it a mountain "lifestyle"; we call it home. Born and raised in the mountains of Colorado, and migrated to the wild and snowy PNW, we’ve spent years working to dial in the perfect outerwear setups for the ever-changing mountain environment. The quick answer: there is no perfect setup that works for everyone.

We started MTN Gear to improve how outdoor enthusiasts find and experience great gear. Today there are many options for trying out hardware like skis, snowboards, etc. before making a decision. With hundreds of options in the outdoor outerwear market, you should have that same experience: try your gear before deciding what works for you. It’s a core offer at MTN Gear.

We partner with brands that are making a mark and bringing new ideas and great gear to the market. We also purposely focus on a fewer set of brands that deliver high quality gear, innovative lines, and have high regard for sustainable practices.

MTN Gear gives you a better way to find the right gear.

We offer a different experience. And who doesn’t want a better experience?

The gear we carry is designed to last for many seasons in the mountains, meaning it can be expensive. With MTN Gear, you can try our gear as often as you like with no expectation to buy. If it's a perfect fit and you want to purchase the piece after the demo, it's yours.

We also offer a "Gear Pass" which allows you to buy a pack of days to use throughout a season. It's the best value and gives you access to outdoor gear all season long. Always try, never buy -- and you can keep those closets clean.

You're always welcomed to purchase the gear straight-away, no demo required. It's just that simple.

At the end of the day, we're outdoor enthusiasts and we value experiences – especially yours. We want you to get the most out of your vacations, mountain adventures, or the hike next Sunday. You should feel confident and excited that you have the right piece of gear for that adventure and we're here to make that happen.

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