At MTN Gear we’re passionate about providing superior gear.  The key to a great day on the hill is the right gear – and what you’re wearing is as important as what you’re riding on.  Combining the right layers of clothing, or layering, is the most important part of being ready for whatever conditions you might encounter.

Proper layering can be broken down into a simple concept:

Base Layer + Insulating Layer + Protective (Shell) Layer

Layering provides flexibility and a layering system allows you to stay comfortable no matter the conditions on the hill - from a chilly morning to a warm afternoon; or the considerable temp changes you may experience at the base of the mountain to substantially colder temps and wind at the top of the mountain. Using a layering system is a great way to adapt as conditions change and it allows you to stay comfortable as you progress through these cycles continuously throughout the day.

We’ve created a simple diagram to hit the highpoints for any layering system.

External shells (Protective Layer)

External shells provide outstanding wind and moisture protection while allowing internal moisture to breathe through and away from the external shell.; however, they are not designed to provide adequate insulation. Insulation comes from the base and mid layers.

Insulating Layer (Mid Layer)

An effective insulating layer will allow for moisture transport away from your body while providing warmth.   There are many options for insulators and the right answer is dependent on the conditions. In general synthetic or down insulative jackets and fleece are good options.

Base Layer

Select base layers that transport moisture away from your skin while retaining warmth.  It is critical that your base layer not retain moisture as that will lead to issue with keeping warm. Base layers consisting of merino wool or polyester based generally work well.

 Keeping your eye on the conditions, knowing the forecasted weather changes, being ready for the inevitable unplanned weather moments, and having the right gear will help you enjoy your outing no matter which outdoor adventure you’re looking to tackle.