A key difference between MTN Gear and traditional retail is the capability to demo outerwear gear in its intended environment before making a buying decision. If you choose to demo a piece of gear with us, we want it as close to new condition as possible for an exceptional experience. We feature outerwear that is extremely robust and built to withstand the harshest conditions - and proper cleaning is critical to keeping the garment in prime shape (whether you demo with us or are looking to maintain the durability of your current setup).

Why Clean After Every Reservation? Not only do we want you to have a fresh garment to wear and feel comfortable in its condition, our cleaning process ensures the garment performs at an optimal level. Removal of dirt and grime from the material promotes breathability and the drying process refreshes the Durable Water Repellant (DWR) finishing of the materials used in technical outerwear.

Products from NikWax® are used to keep the gear in optimal condition.

The goal is to keep external moisture and wind at bay, while allowing body moisture (sweat) vapor to escape away from the body. This keeps you dry and allows for efficient and consistent body temperature management. It's the key to staying comfortable in the often inclement mountain conditions.

Cleaning Considerations: Our cleaning process depends on the type of garment and the stage at which the gear is in its lifecycle. We use a wide range of products from NikWax®, the leader in environmentally friendly outdoor gear cleaning products. Our cleaning process generally consists of the following:

  1. Inspection – Cuffs, areas near the face, or hems near bottoms of pants are typical areas that require attention.
  2. Pre-Treatment – Based on inspection, we pre-treat required attention areas. We always pre-treat areas near the face and cuffs by hand to ensure a deep clean.
  3. Clean – Depending on the garment type we will wash the garment using a range of NikWax® products: NikWax® TechWash for Gore-Tex or other technical waterproof fabrics, and NikWax® Down-Wash for insulators. These detergents are specially formulated to gently clean the highly engineered fabrics. We only use residential style washers / dryers in small batch loads; commercial units are too harsh for this type of cleaning process.
  4. DWR Treatment – Depending on the number of days on a garment we may perform a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) application using NikWax® TX Direct Spray On DWR. We focus on high wear areas such as shoulders, sleeves, thighs and backsides.
  5. Drying – Drying these garments fully helps to re-engage the DWR finish on the fabrics and keeps the water shedding capabilities at a high performing level. We use low heat and adjust the dry time depending on garment type.
  6. Final Air Dry – After a low heat dry cycle, we use fans to promote complete drying allowing the fabrics to settle and gives us confidence the garment is ready for the next adventure.
We Use Banks of Residential Washers / Dryers Instead of Commercial Units. Residential Units Are Gentler When Cleaning and Drying Gear

Bottom Line: Providing gear in awesome condition is at the core of what we do. Our cleaning procedures ensures that what you’re wearing will be in great shape and you can accurately assess if it's the right fit. Also, you can be assured that you're helping reduce waste and promote a more sustainable environment for the next generations of mountain explorers.